SoCha Cafe Has Permanently Closed


Socha was really inviting - beautiful blue walls, spacious, with very high ceilings, curtains, padded seating, big window........It transported me to a different time and space, with live classical music to boot! And then in 2011 things began to change. New ownership, perhaps.

Eventually Yelpers reported this location has closed.
Content is from the site's 2008 - 2010 archived pages as well as from outside reviews.

3235 Mission Street
San Francisco, CA 94110
Hours 8am - 7pm

Now serving beer, wine and LIVE music!

3235 Mission Street (@ Valencia) • Hours 8am - 11pm • ph: 415.643.6848


Soups and Salads

Roasted Tomato, Sweet Bell Pepper & Roasted Garlic Bisque (soup changes daily)
Mixed Greens, Toasted Pine Nuts, Fontina Cheese & Raspberry Balsamic Vinaigrette
Mizuna Mix and Toasted Pecans with Lemon Vinaigrette
Beets, Microgreens, Green Beans and Mascarpone & Champagne Vinaigrette
Persian Cucumbers with Yogurt Mint Sauce

All sandwiches are served a la carte or with a choice of salad or cup of soup.

Focaccia Panini
Lemon Chive Roasted Chicken Breast, Arugula & Blue Cheese Aioli
Ham and Chevre with Red Onions & Tomatoes

Baguette Sandwich
Vegan Zucchini Marinara
Roast Beef, Garlic Confit, Mixed Greens &Red; Pepper Aioli

Something Else

Cippolini and Soppresata
Lemon Chive Chicken, Arugula Pesto, Fresh Mozzarella

Pecorino, Prosciutto & Asparagus
Soppresata, Dry Italian Salami & Ham

Savory Baked Goods (Availability Varies Daily)

Individual Focaccia
Tomato, Parmesan, Roasted Onion
Olive Tapenade, Feta & Lemon
Prosciutto, Soppresata, Dry Salami & Fontia

Scallion & Feta
Red Pepper & Fontina

Breakfast Pouches
Ham & Chevre
Poached Egg & Cheese

Sweet Baked Goods (Availability Varies Daily)

Cinnamon Buns
Raspberry & Cream Cheese Danish

Orange Twist & Milk Chocolate Truffle
Lemon & Cream Cheese Custard

Strawberry with Raspberry Glaze
Fig & Milk Chocolate

Blueberry & Lemon

3235 Mission Street (@ Valencia) • Hours 8am - 11pm • ph: 415.643.6848


Events Schedule

    Week of June 9-15   Week of June 16-22
Monday 6/9 8pm Mission Jazz 6/16 8pm Conscious Jazz
Tuesday 6/10 8pm Eulipian Quartet 6/17 8pm Eulipian Quartet
Wednesday 6/11

8:30pm Classical Revolution


8:30pm Classical Revolution

Thursday 6/12 8pm Film Night 6/19 8pm Josh Smith Trio
Friday 6/13

6-8pm Jim Arnstein

8pm David Jones


6-8pm Jim Arnstein

8pm Soraya and Friends

Saturday 6/14 8pm Mucho Axe: Latin Brazilian Music 6/21 8pm Quinn Devaux
Sunday 6/15

11a-2p Bill Carey Jazz

4pm-7pm Nora Maki Trio


11a-2pm Bill Carey Jazz

4pm-7pm Nora Maki Trio




Colleen O.
San Francisco, CA
2.0 star rating
Updated review


Something strange is going on in the world of SoCha.

Apparently they changed management or ownership recently. This led to a drastic reduction in hours and shrinking the variety of the menu. I was willing to let it slide for a few weeks, thinking it was just them taking a step back to consider a new direction.

But it has now been at least a month and nothing has improved. Mondays and Tuesdays they are closed completely, and every other day of the week they close at 5. Um, really SoCha? You're not going to sell a lot of beer and wine in the middle of the day, and you're not exactly in the middle of the thick of things that you can have the luxury of only serving lunch customers. Most of us in the neighborhood out here have jobs somewhere else (either out of town or some other part of town) and would like a place where we could come by for some extra after-work work, or to sit with a glass of wine and read a book. But you're not positioning yourself well to get such business from me right now.



Sandy L.
San Francisco, CA
2.0 star rating
My thoughts are reflected exactly in the Colleen O. post. And what's up with the paper products in the bathrooms. It used to be that the toilet paper was soft and 2 ply. Perhaps you're trying to save money?? Check out these paper towels at this wholesale / retail e commerce site where I buy my paper products. Mybe with the money you'll save, you can up grade to a better product. Not that paper products in the bathrooms make or break a place, but consideration to those small amenities all add up to the customer's experience.




Mike J.
San Francisco, CA
5.0 star rating

I've been wanting to check this place out for some time now and finally got around to it this afternoon.  I really appreciate the strong focus on live music here, especially since the quality of the performers seems to be excellent. I just spent a wonderful couple of hours here listening to a great jazz quintet, apparently they play every Sunday afternoon.  I also keep hearing about random performances by members of the SF Symphony, can't wait to catch one of those!

I notice some reviewers have complained about the volume level of the music. If you're looking for a quiet environment Socha may not be the place for you but I figure there are any number of other places nearby one could go to for that.

Apparently Socha is owned by the same people who run Revolution Cafe on 22nd but I really prefer the vibe here, much more chill and not overrun by Mission Hipster-types.

Oh, great coffee too!


Rebekah T.
El Cerrito, CA
5.0 star rating
Listed in Crazy about Coffee

Mmmm, ya ~ I'll have an Iced coffee - room for cream, a strawberry scone with a side of music from the live Jazz Quartet playing on a Hot and Summery Sunday.

The coffee was incredibly good and the scone - fresh, soft, flaky and slightly sweetened by the chunks of strawberries.

I can't believe I'm just found out about SoCha. Especially since it is so conveniently located next to the Knockout. I'll be back to check out the food and music again really soon.


Carlos A.
Los Angeles, CA
5.0 star rating


I'm a regular here. I'm here about once a week and had the prosciutto calzone yesterday. Fantastic.

I'm also a fan of the chicken pizza.

This is the place to be if you work from home and need free wifi with interesting people around.

The staff and owners are super friendly as well. I brought my boss here for lunch yesterday and he really enjoyed it.


Miika M.
San Francisco, CA
5.0 star rating
 Listed in Locations of Failed Dates, Orgasm for the brain, Spots of Caffeination in East Bay

B r i l l i a n c e
I'm so in love. 

With what?  With the simple ideals that make this unassuming gem of a cafe stick out in my reflections the day after.  I ran down to meet a friend for coffee because I had heard of places in the city that host live classical ensembles during the evening hours, Socha being one of them...

"You've never been here?"

I had never been however being a classical musician myself, I would never refuse the opportunity to sit and partake in a free performance.

Socha is located on a busy strip of eateries, stores and bars on Mission and Valencia.  I would have walked right by if it were not for the wide sliding glass windows showcasing a quartet playing in the middle of the room, warmed by soft lights.  I opened the door and walked in.  People were ensconced at the tables and sitting on the floor against the walls, listening.  Reveling.  Enamored.  Ah, what true enthusiasts.  I felt right at home.

The counter runs almost three quarters of the establishment, not to mention stools so that one could easily take a seat and be kept company by the cheery barista who acknowledged my presence before I even had time to take off my scarf.  My request for a Breve Latte elicited a smile and the remark that he had only heard one other person make the same request during his tenure.

"Half and half, right?" he prompted.

My drink was extra hot, smooth to the point where I did not have to add any sweetener.  Mmmm, caffeinated bliss.  My friend had a glass of red wine and despite having procured a table earlier, we opted to stand and listen to the quartet perform a composition by Schubert and then Schumann.  I leaned against one of the large pillars, taking in the music and watching the clarinetist.  Next, a string sextet took up the reins and passionate Brahms filled the dreamy evening air.

Specific evenings are scheduled with different performances.  Wednesday are hosted by the Classical Revolution.  Other evenings would present live Jazz.  In addition to the performances, Socha offers up a simple cafe menu consisting of sandwiches, pizzas, soups and pastries if one is so inclined while working away on a laptop or firmly engrossed in a novel.  Substantial fare to keep slight hunger pangs at bay.

I've found my new cafe of comfort soothed by live performances of classical joy on those dark and stormy evenings.


Jaime L.
Santa Monica, CA
4.0 star rating

I'm not feeling particularly creative, so obviously I'm going to write a Yelp review. That and I'm really bored at work, and procrastinating.

Moving on.

Last night Janney B asked me to come out to Socha for the UYE Open Mic night, and being that she's every bit as wonderful as sunshine on a nice, warm day on the beaches of Tahiti, I obliged. Little did I know, of course, that she would be reading her POWER EXCHANGE review, of which oh-so-delicately reminded the audience that I'm just as every bit strange as they think (to include strangers), PLUS she misled them with thinking that I have a tight little ass. It's ok Janney, I forgive you AND love you :)

ANYWAYS, my buttocks aside, the space was incredibly intimate for such a great little event. Some people sat on the floor (included), some on chairs, some on couches. It was nice to see Yelp bring people together for something so poetic, and heartwarming (Haru is responsible for that, PLEASE record that song!), other than for consuming copious amounts of alcoholic beverages.

Except--they have beer. YES. Beer! At a cafe! It was fabulous! Broke Ass Stuart even read his review while drinking one, and that was absolutely gangsta. Everyone was so nice, and when I asked for two Stellas, one of the guys there told me they were out but there was a beer that was near in taste--some type of Pilsner. He then explained that Austrians in Bizerkley found that the water there was closest to the waters in wherever they brew beer over in Europe, and they were reducing their carbon footprint! Being a Republican-turned-Democrat, I was thoroughly pleased (although I'm still registered as Republican...I'm such a political whore).

Everyone who read their reviews were AWESOME. Nobu was HILARIOUS, Alissa was so *cute*, Lauren S made me want to go to Bean Bag Cafe this morning, and Mick F and Darin I engaged the audience perfectly. Haru, of course, was incredible--what a talented, beautiful woman! I'm always amazed/inspired by people who write music, and she was just wonderful. Of COURSE, Janney B (once again) was worth the 8 billion dollars in gas I burned coming to the city.

You guys did so well! I can't wait to come back here again!

And now if you'll excuse me I feel like I have to go do some squats because you all think I have a tight little ass now. Unless you saw pictures from 1015, and then you'd KNOW I didn't. GREAT.